State Auto Body was started in 1939, in Providence Rhode Island, and they have been giving their clients exceptional care and quality for over 75 years.

We pride ourselves in our reputation. We never allow a customer to leave unsatisfied with the work we’ve performed on their vehicle. This is only possible by employing skilled technicians, and being willing to invest in the latest equipment. Using the best materials and latest methods in fixing your car is the only way to bring it back to pre-accident condition.

We value our customers. I’ve heard one too many shops say, “Ah, it’s not visible once the car is put together,” or, “The guy will never notice that”. Our goal in business is not to be a “Hit ‘em once” shop. We aim to earn your business and keep it.

State Auto Body is a cut above. There are many types of materials that are much cheaper than what we use, but we want the repairs to last. With us, it is more than just getting the car out the door. Cutting corners is not the road to bigger profits.

At State Auto Body, we handle it all, from the time of the accident until the car is returned to you. We also eliminate inconveniences to our customers by dealing with the insurance companies directly, rather than leaving it to you.

Meet our Crew


Mario Todisco
Mario TodiscoOwner
Mario is the Owner and our Office Manager. He handles the insurance estimating. He meticulously finds all the damage to make sure it all gets fixed, and your car is safe to drive once you leave us!


Steve Paiva
Steve PaivaOwner
Steve is our Shop Manager. He makes sure that your car doesn’t leave unless it looks as good as new!