Clean Your Car

During the Rhode Island winter months, dirt and debris can build up. While driving on treated roads, salt builds up on the exterior of your vehicle. It is necessary to keep your vehicle clean so that rust doesn’t get built up.

Check Your Tires

If you’ve been done any driving in Providence, you know that the potholes can be detrimental to your tires. Weather also causes tire pressure to drop, so it’s a good idea to check your pressure to ensure that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible. This can help avoid costly auto-repairs in the future.

Check Your Brakes

Nothing is more important than having properly functioning brakes – and with the reputation of Rhode Island drivers, you’ve probably been forced to slam on your breaks after someone cut you off. Checking your breaks with the change of the season is a good habit to get yourself into.

Change Oil and Check Fluid Levels

With the change of the season, you should also change your oil. This is one of the most important maintenance procedures to make sure your engine runs well. Keeping your fluids in check is how you keep your car’s various systems healthy.


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