auto body repair pawtucketRust. It’s not only ugly, but it’s also destructive. It can affect vehicles in all areas, but it is especially prevalent in places such as Pawtucket. It may not come to mind as quickly as others, however rust is an important aspect of auto body repair in Pawtucket. Prevention and early discovery and repair are imperative in the battle of rusting vehicles. Without those, rust can quickly wreak havoc on the body of your vehicle.

Rust occurs when a chemical reaction caused by salt water, in the air and on the road, creates oxidation. The coastal areas are highly susceptible to rusted vehicles, especially when they experience winter conditions that require salting of icy roads. The combination of salty humidity and salty wet roads creates double the risk for rust.

So, what are the best ways to handle rust?

• Prevention

The best way to combat rust is with a heavy dose of prevention. All vehicles come off the line with some protection: the paint. However, the tiniest chip, scratch, or crack is an invitation for rust. Oxidation occurs on the smallest areas of bare metal, so it is important to inspect your vehicle for any damages to paint and have them repaired as soon as possible, ideally before rust sets in. Additionally, when you purchase a vehicle, opt for the undercarriage spray that acts as a barrier between the environment and your vehicle.

• Think of it as Part of Regular Maintenance

Just like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery services, inspections for rust and touch-ups are part of routine vehicle maintenance. This is especially true in areas such as Pawtucket with its salt air and wintery roads. This little step is easy and can save you a lot of frustration and money. Do regular walk-arounds to check for spots. While getting your vehicle serviced, ask your mechanic to give the undercarriage a quick look to check for hidden spots of rust.

• Quick Repair

Rust happens. Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to have those nicks and scratches repaired before the rust creeps in. Vehicles are expensive and sometimes undercoat spray is not in the budget. Also, undercoating sprays wear off over time. Whatever the reason for the rust, it should be addressed as immediately as possible to prevent corrosion.

When rust first happens, it is topical, on the surface, and easily taken care of. The entire process is as simple as sanding, repainting, clear coating, and buffing. However, when neglected, rust corrodes. It creates scales and, eventually, holes in the metal. It is not impossible to repair rust this far into the damage process; but it is more difficult and expensive.

In certain environments, rust is inevitable. However, some simple measures can make it easier to deal with. For more information about rust prevention or repair, please contact us today.

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